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Missed Period And Increased Cervical Mucus

Why? Review article. New Union

How does football with prostitution? How is English football to prostitution in Spain?
this morning to browse, as I do every day the press looking for news and articles with prostitution, I have encountered with this item. I entered the laughter, and then I got really serious and told me how much human stupidity is dispersed. The article in question is none other than the section on culture and explain himself and what comes to mention this post.
Following my comments on the considerations that were used to request an opinion from the State Council, and in many other debates, I had to face arguments calling for the abolition of prostitution. One of the most commonly given is that prostitution must disappear because:
"conveys gender roles and stereotypes perpetuating inequality and subordination."
I always say that everyday there are millions of actions that contribute exactly the same size and do not reflect on them, we for obvious, do not go unnoticed as prostitution that has become the great scapegoat of gender inequalities.
behold, in the pages of a newspaper also read general-children-and helps to transmit these gender roles in perpetuating stereotypes of inequality and subordination.
1 - Football, clearly male sport: you know what will happen when they leave the homosexual footballers aramario?. Contributes to and facilitates social contact between men.
2 - Women's football also exists and the English national women's football has enjoyed wins and just made public.
3 - In the media only, not to say anything, we talk about sports that women do and have been traditionally masculine and SOCCER PLAYERS, basketball, cycling, hockey, motorcycling.
5 - Female athletes do not earn anywhere near the money that men earn. Even those in the elite.
6 - The women's game just have sponsors and grants
7 - scholars consulted were all men when in the same universities that are already mentioned there are many women who are fully capable of giving their views and have been overlooked.

Who wants to think they think, prostitution per se is not the greatest evil, and the only society of the disorders that reproduce social inequalities, cultural, economic. These are everyday attitudes, arising inertial quasi which reproduce. Philosopher
or s, s psychologist or anthropologist or s Mourinho analyzed using the most universal of questions of philosophy to the helplessness and the unknown
. Why. Why. Thus, a dozen, countless times, Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, looking for the answer to a defeat that well as to predict a possible elimination of a tournament, the Champions League, carries a personal defeat. A disgrace. Because, beyond hinting institutional favors arbitration, the issue is that the human being brought before the infinite, bad fate, unexpected loss, when someone goes "with the majority," saying the Romans. question facing the Western philosophy for twenty-five centuries. Therefore, and in full-Permanent-debate on the usefulness of certain disciplines of Humanities, La Vanguardia has called for a reflection on the issue, far from hooliganism, philosophers, psychologists and anthropologists.

WHY 'why'. "That is the question most radically human" opens Guillem Feixas, professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Barcelona (UB), "is our response to what we do not understand, our search for explanations for the unexpected and adversity , death ... The human being needs to ask why, certify that there is an explanation. But we are not gods, and rarely have a final answer, compelling, rarely have 100% security that that is the answer. And when we get it, we doubt. " "We could compare this issue with admiration Aristotle and perplexity, in the classical philosophical perplexity at the incredible things he started thinking. So we could say that Mourinho feels this admiration and bewilderment and concludes that football is not winning because it is not yours, "Guardiola football surely you need a supplement to have reached where it is today. Mourinho is asking what the charge "reflects Jaume Casals, Professor of Philosophy at UB.
Chute de Descartes. "The 'why'," continues Josep Maria Terricabras, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Girona, is part in this case an argument disimulatorio. Capacity attributed to the justificatory question, and that comes from Descartes: knowledge must be based, and here we are justifying or attending to their concerns. We will have to answer conceding that Mourinho will be right. But even the questions must be answered and scientifically justified, not every question is valid. " "Mourinho is the question and ask us to death because, barring a miracle in the form of 0-3, is now dead footballing" abounds Ignacio Morgado, Professor of Psychobiology at the UAB and author of Emotions and social intelligence (editorial critical.) "I have a feeling He adds that the reasons of Mourinho are more respondents who operant. He already has the answers. It is an emotional reaction to the defeat, which is not only recreational but also personal. He has played much and has not got anything positive. Reaction is a loser, a way to cover up their responsibility, "Casals continues.
THE MOU hunter-gatherers. Jordi Serrallonga, archaeologist and anthropologist of the Human Origins Group at the UB-hominid and renowned analyst of human evolution, goes way back when he argues that "hunter-gatherer societies in Africa, the highest was for six million years 'Survives'. Y 'survives' was not afraid and think that you are about to palmar. Now we know that in the past was not so well, but the man was one in the ecosystem. Then, in the agriculture evolution, prehistory, Greece, urbanization ... to not settling the big questions we ask. So the hunter-gatherer Mourinho would have said: 'We went out to play against Barcelona and we were not going well', was very simple and society would have preyed. The sedentary Mourinho would take a more metaphysical discourse, as he did, and his response avoids being eaten, he makes them all go to the archive or video files to see if he's right. " Feixas, by contrast, believes that "the doubts thrown by Mourinho suggest a conspiracy against, and this stance is not adaptive. What is that which guarantees the survival, survives has the greatest potential to adapt to changes, and in this case not only is not, but that can incorporate new elements: if you come to lose or is sanctioned, will be added to content, which. The mental health do not have much to do with how we respond to the unexpected. Is a key issue in psychiatry. " Morgado added yet another factor: "The competitive human behavior is positive, because it requires improvement. Natural selection has prioritized competitive behavior. "
FOOTBALL AND MORAL. "Mourinho is interesting because it quoted Einstein. It goes beyond that of 'that's football. " Enter your moral and ethical concepts and that is enriching. He says he is not accusing, just asking questions: with it is telling us that we exist, "says Serrallonga. "Guardiola is also metaphysical, because when he suggests that 'we lose' advances to the reality." To Terricabras, "why start with is cheating, because it simulates looking for a cause, without questioning the fact: it assumes that the fact we agree. And you can not rush begin an analysis without the phenomenon of origin. There is a second catch: no scientific sense. If such arbitrator had found that absolutely always hurts, or discovers a plot against him ... But he does not arise otherwise. Can not be itself the cause? Do your players? Distorts the causal and simulates the causes are the effects. " Casals affects this argument: "When the guy asks questions repeatedly about their misfortunes, the most plausible is that bad luck has not settled, but possibly his own attitude is the cause. We must confront the pure logic of facts. "
WAIT OR TRADING. "Football interests me greatly, both suchas philosophy," explains Prof. Casals. In my opinion, both Mourinho and Guardiola are exemplary because they try to take their own concept of football to its fullest, and both do excellently: Mourinho believes good football play little ball, and is very respectable. As respectable as the de Guardiola, who is the opposite and it certainly is much more speculative: touch it much until you see the opportunity. " "The player would Cruyff Mourinho, because it was so very little. Messi is absolutely Guardiola needs to have the ball in the foot. And there is another very philosophical difference between both: Guardiola was a player, can play, and therefore its knowledge comes from experience. Mourinho can not play, and thus his knowledge comes from science. No need to know to have played football, and that is pure philosophy. " "Needless to say," apostille "that Mourinho's FC Barcelona is" false science. "

BALLS OUT. "Nobody talks about his work as a coach, but he leads us to the historiography of other equipment; shifts its responsibility to a metaphysical world. As an adaptive strategy is good, "says Serrallonga. "I do Morgado-opposed-to be continually drawing attention as a strategy, but character. So. Aggressive, conceited, arrogant ... What is lacking here: a little self-criticism. But it is hard to get into the skin of someone with so much responsibility. On the other hand, is already well to talk about Mourinho and not stop. " "Mourinho is the lightning rod of the Madrid players," adds Henry Lynch, a professor of aesthetics at the UB and writer. He concentrated on any criticism that might fall on team performance and in this sense, plays an accessory role very well (media) of coach in order to ease the pressure on the players. "
ADVERSITY. "The reaction to adversity leads to a cognitive error is the typical and selective abstraction. Is fixed at some facts, only a few, to achieve an explanation as to save the budgets for it are fundamental. When any of these assumptions, for example, "My team is the best" - is hit against a challenge that puts you at risk, the mechanism is to focus the causes of facts that allow saving the mother's idea, perseveres Feixas. "One of the things I like about Mourinho is the ease with which we get exasperate sports journalists: Vidal-Quadras is the current English football, "Lynch compares.


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